This site contains Halo 2 Vista tools, tutorials, source files, and more acquired through years of custom map exploration, customization and modification.

This is the best place to find the newest maps. Unlike other sites, we only catalogue the most up-to-date versions of each map unless that map is part of a series.

We also have all the latest and greatest custom maps by our own Halo 2 Map/Mod Team know as the H2MT

Check out all the site has to offer and enjoy your visit. If you want to learn more join the H2PC forums where you can post questions or requests.

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Team Co-Lead & Founder

Latest Developments

Cairo Station ODP SP Mod in SPPF format; adds vehicles such as the Longsword & additional enemies among other changes

I repacked the Sacred Icon JACKAL SP Mod in SPPF format; the mod is by ThePotatoSoup

A cool H2PC Respawn Trainer by the Scrapman

Microsoft Corporation: Begin Releasing Xbox console exclusives on Windows, sign the petition at

H2MT - 2013: Legacy Tech - Halo 2 PC

Check out Himanshu01's new Co-Op SP Trainer for H2v

Sneak peak at a more Customized Edition of H2v

Here is H2MT's MainMenu Mod with the Music Disabled

Here is H2MT's H2EK Unlocked - Enhanced Edition


Here is an updated collection of ~446 HD Halo Wallpapers (1920x1080)

Expand your game with H2MT's [MOD] Halo 2.5 - Game+ Pack

H2MT's [MAPS] Halo 2.5 Collection contains 16 custom maps with previously restricted content such as new weapons, vehicles and HUDs. This inlcudes & requires the Custom Map Restriction Remover mod

H2MT's [MAPS] Campaign Expansion - BETA Release contains six custom campaign maps, latest MainMenu Mod and apps/mods specific to unlocking more from single player

H2MT's [MAPS] The Essential Collection contains 48 of the best custom maps available

H2MT's [DATA+TAGS] The Essential Collection contains everything you need to start mapping right now

Enjoy a Modded H2V Campaign by AltSierra117

Check out our expanded H2MT YouTube Channel which contains videos about custom maps, mods, montages, live action shorts, animated content and more

Compile a Single Player map with this modified version of H2Tool

Check out the first Real Time Editor for H2V: Ambiguous Alpha & Beta RTE


Its about $15, get some you cheapskate!



Questions? Opinions? Requests? Check out the Map Making Forum

Automatically remove and backup outdated custom maps with this



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