Random helpful H2V mapping notes. Some of these tips
         could save you days if not weeks of research.

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H2 Guerilla


Make sure you are using the Unlocked H2 Guerilla from here: H2MT H2EK Unlocked - Enhanced Edition.

This unlocked version of Guerilla allows you to view/edit previously locked tags and to create
new tags of various types.

H2GuerillaDONE.exe -> Use for normal unlocked editing.

H2GuerillaTST.exe -> Use for editing otherwise hidden fields such as object naming, improved
scripting support and messing with cameras.

H2GuerillaNEW.exe -> Same features as the TST version plus it will not corrupt a scenario
tag when adding
Kill Trigger Volumes or weapons to a Single Player scenario. Of the three
editors mentioned here this is the most stable however it can only open one scenario at a time.
A work-around to this is opening a second or third instance of
H2GuerillaNEW as required.


Extract the contents of the archive to a sub-directory in the Halo 2 Map Editor folder named
H2EK Unlocked
, then make appropriate shortcuts.


In H2 Guerilla go to the Edit Menu then select Expert Mode.

Expert Mode allows you to edit previously locked fields.


You can compile a Single Player, Multiplayer, Shared or Main Menu map with this modified
version of H2 Tool

More info


Rename the original to H2Tool.exe.BACKUP and rename this file to H2Tool.exe


H2 Sapien can then be used to change the map type from a Multiplayer scenario to a
Single Player scenario. To do so:

1) Open a .scenario tag with Sapien.

2) Then when it loads go to the Hierarchy Pane and select Mission.

3) Now go to the Properties Palette.

4) The second field, called Type, will be set to Multiplayer.

5) The other options in the drop-down list will be blank but they still work.

6) The top blank option is Single Player. So set it then save the file.

7) Compile the .scenario with the Unlocked H2 Tool available above.

*Later when you view your modified .scenario tag from H2 Guerilla it will still say that its set
to Multiplayer mode but this is not accurate. You will see when you compile the file, at the top
of the console (the DOS window) it will say Single Player instead of Multiplayer and if you
do not have the Unlocked H2 Tool then it will refuse to compile.