Custom Weapons

The Custom Weapons Pack has been consolidated into
        [DATA+TAGS] The Essential Collection



H3 Assault Rifle MA5C

H1 Assault Rifle MA5B

H1 Assault Rifle MA5B: "Rusty"

H2 Battle Rifle BR55 Torch

H2 Battle Rifle XBR55

H2 Battle Rifle BR55G

H2 Recon Rifle

H2 Recon Rifle Blue

H2 Recon Rifle Red

H2 Chain Gun Mobile

H2 Gauss Gun Mobile

H2 Covenant Carbine Reaper

H2 Needle Rifle

H2 Plasma Shot

H2 Plasma Turret Mobile

H2 Sentinel Beam

H2 Sentinel Beam Major

H2 Scarab Gun


H2 Shotgun M90 Torch

H2 Silenced SMG M7S

H2 Sniper Rifle SRS99C-S2 AMB: "NoScope"

H3 Missile Pod

H3 Spartan Laser

H1-PC Flamethrower M7057

Reach Magnum M6G

H3 Magnum M6G

ODST Magnum-Socom M6C

H1 Pistol M6D: "Black"


H2 Master Chief Gun

H3 H3MT Brute Mauler Type-52 Pistol

H3 CMT Brute Spiker Type-25 Carbine






H2 Energy Blade: Purple


H2 Energy Blade: Red


H2 Flag: Blue


H2 Flag: Red


H2 Gravity Hammer: The Fist of Rukt


H3 Gravity Hammer

H2 Sangheili Honor Guardsman Pike





H2 Bubble Shield

H2 Gravity Lift


An joint operation